What Are Feelings?: Feelings & Empathy for Kids!
Becky Walker

What Are Feelings?: Feelings & Empathy for Kids!

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What is "What are Feelings?"?

     "What are Feelings: Feelings and Empathy for Kids" is a course to help young children put words to feelings.  So much of a child's frustration with their feelings is their inability to communicate them effectively.  This course will teach children to name their feelings and will emphasize the importance and purpose of all of our feelings.  Children will learn that there are no "bad" feelings, just lots of different ones!  

     Children will also be introduced to the concept of "empathy" and awareness for the feelings of others!

     The class will meet 2 times for 25 minutes.

Who should take this course?
     This course is perfect for young children ages 4-6.  Parents who want their children to grow emotionally and encourage children to understand their feelings will enjoy the curriculum presented in this course.  The course will include talking points for further discussion amongst your family after both classes. 

What supplies does my student need?

     Children will need access to paper and basic drawing supplies. 

Why do I teach this course?

     I am a dedicated learner and researcher of emotional health and communication with children.  My husband is a lisenced professional counselor, and as a result, we have implemented many tools and strategies for helping them to grow in their emotional health.  I am passionate about helping other parents do the same for their children and believe the world can be a kinder place with greater understanding of each other.