Private Tutoring for Phonics, Reading and Handwriting
Teacher Laura

Private Tutoring for Phonics, Reading and Handwriting

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Class Description


This class will be focused on working with individual students on pre-reading phonics and writing skills. Tutoring is highly personalized and tailored to the student based on their needs and parent input. I will also ask what interests the child has and utilize content that fits the interest of the child.We will work on phonics skills, handwriting, and learning to read through games, songs and books. I like lessons to be very interactive and fun for each student.There is no prior knowledge that the student needs to know. All abilities levels are welcome.

Classes given through the ZOOM platform!



In this ongoing class students will get one on one weekly practice on their reading and handwriting skills.

Learning goals
Students will improve their reading and writing skills week after week. 



There is no assigned homework for this class. I will be happy to provide ideas to help promote mastery of learned concepts to do at home.

Age Range

This class is perfect for students aged 4-7.

Class Size

Class size 1 student.

Paper and Crayons Optional: Whiteboard and marker