Intro to Music Theory - 12 Course Package
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Intro to Music Theory - 12 Course Package

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One-on-one Intro to Music Theory lessons:

Children learn alongside Todd the Musical Monkey as they are introduced to note names, staves, rhythms, and notes as they correlate on the piano. After a series of 10 lessons plus 2 assessments throughout (12 total), the students will be able to read treble clef note names, clap rhythms as written, identify piano notes in the key of C, sight-sing basic notes, and classify instruments according to type (wind, percussion, string). Todd will be used to bring up important questions and topics throughout, as well as introduce students to different kinds of instruments.

This package is intended to give children a foundational knowledge of musical theory. By learning the basics, they will have an advantage as they enter higher levels of primary education, particularly choral or band enrichments. Music theory is a universal language, and often the lack of basic music theory knowledge can discourage an otherwise creative individual from pursuing their interests. Giving them a foundation will inspire confidence to diver deeper as their learning advances.