Costumes and Crafts
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Costumes and Crafts

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Dress in your favorite costume and join us for a Halloween craft!  This is a group class for children ages 3-6.  Sign up for one or both sessions!

Students will have the opportunity to show and tell about their costumes.  They will join in with fun, seasonal songs and complete a craft.  
*Younger students may need a little more parent support to do the craft.

In order to participate in the craft, please prepare these materials for class:

October 22 Materials
1 whole roll of toilet paper
1 piece of orange tissue paper (Or whatever color you have!)
1 green pipe cleaner
5-10 small (1") triangles cut out of black construction paper
glue stick

October 29 Materials
1 candy corn cut-out Click Here (Print or draw. Then cut out.)
4 one inch strips of orange construction paper
1 inch squares cut from tissue paper or construction paper (about 10-20 each of yellow and orange)
2 googly eyes
glue stick